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  • Mr. Wu Zhaoxian warmly invited outstanding employees of the company to study in Japan

    Mr. Wu Zhaoxian warmly invited outstanding employees of the company to study in Japan

  • Embroidery worker work photo

    Embroidery worker work photo

  • Production scene of Italy-made VAMATEX advanced loom

    Production scene of Italy-made VAMATEX advanced loom

  • Team run

    Team run


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Nantong Dadong Co., Ltd. attracts talents to join with its unique culture and values, and is committed to common development. At the same time, the institutionalized comprehensive welfare benefits and perfect rights protection system make the company a warm and happy harbor full of "home" that employees can rely on. .
   1. The company implements a wage system that links total wages with economic benefits, and wage distribution follows the principle of "remuneration for work, equal pay for men and women for equal work".
  2. The company negotiates with the labor union at the beginning of each year to establish an annual salary distribution method as the company's specific methods and standards for calculating employee salaries.
  3. The company pays employees’ wages on a monthly basis, and stipulates that the date of payment of monthly wages is around the 25th of the following month.
  4. The company implements a low-wage security system, and the specific standards for low wages are implemented in accordance with local labor and social security departments.
  5. The company will issue overtime wages for overtime hours that cannot be shifted or transferred according to regulations as follows:
    Delayed overtime pay: 1.5 times pay;
    Overtime pay on rest days: 2 times;
    Statutory holiday overtime pay: 3 times the pay;
   6. The wages of employees during various vacations shall be issued at no lower than the local labor and social security department and other relevant government regulations and standards.
  7. The company handles pension, unemployment, work-related injury, maternity insurance, medical insurance and housing provident fund for current employees.
   8. The company will further improve and promote the talent incentive mechanism, according to its own production and operation development, to provide a certain form of special benefits to outstanding management and technical personnel who have made special contributions to the company's development.
  9. Employees of the company can enjoy 21 welfare guarantees such as "shareholding dividends", "children's college stipends", "four must-be welfare systems", and "holiday gifts" during their work.
  10. The company will reward all those who have made excellent performance or significant contributions to the company. The reward methods include: awarding commendation certificates, gifting bonuses, awarding awards, raising salary, promotion, job promotion, and going abroad for study and training.