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Quality 315: "pure cotton" towel 10 yuan 3, have to see the answer.

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Quality 315: "pure cotton" towel 10 yuan 3, have to see the answer.


The quality of towel directly affects the health and safety of consumers. Recently, Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council announced the results of comparative test of towel products, 17 batches of samples can not fully meet the requirements of relevant standards, and there are some well-known brands in unqualified products.


Quality 315: "pure cotton" towel 10 yuan 3, have to see the answer.


It is reported that from December 2014 to January 2015, the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council carried out comparative tests on towel products. Among the 70 batches of samples, 28 batches were towel samples, involving 54 manufacturers. After testing, 53 batches of samples fully meet the requirements of relevant standards, and the compliance rate is 75.7%. 17 batches of samples can not fully meet the requirements of relevant standards. The unqualified items of some samples mainly focused on fiber content, color fastness (washing fastness) and pH value.

The lowest safety category of towel is class B. The Consumer Council reminds consumers that the safety category of towel products should be marked as class B or class A. when purchasing products, they should see whether there are product marks on the products and their packages, including Chinese labels, name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product type number or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance method, product standards implemented and product affiliation And so on. So why do some towels in the market cost 10 yuan for 3 pieces and some for 30 yuan?


Quality 315: "pure cotton" towel 10 yuan 3, have to see the answer.


Product value mainly consists of four parts: production cost + management cost + social responsibility + service cost. Cotton yarn and dyestuffs are the two main production costs of towel. In order to ensure the product quality, the production of towel bath towel and other close contact skin products should mainly use the world's high-quality raw cotton such as Xinjiang and Egypt, and select the ecological dyes from international famous companies such as destar, Ciba and Klein as the main raw materials. In order to ensure the process quality, the production plants should pass the ISO9001, ots100 series of international certification, strengthen the third-party monitoring.

Misunderstanding of low price: we often say why the prices of two towels with similar surface look are so different. Raw materials are one of the main reasons. Some towel manufacturers are desperate to reduce costs and cut corners. Although the products are marked with 100% cotton, they can't really achieve it. Polyester and other materials are added in the process of spinning or weaving. Or weaving with low grade cotton veil. Even with recycled cotton, recycled cotton, black core cotton broken yarn spun again for weaving.

Sources of black core cotton: the main sources of black core cotton are: 1. Fiber industrial waste materials, including cotton linter, recycled cotton, landing cotton, waste yarn, edge scrap, etc. 2. Medical fiber waste, used by medical and health institutions, should not be reused. It includes: used absorbent cotton, degummed gauze and other medical dressings, clothes for doctors and patients that should be eliminated, wadding fiber products and other fiber products. 3. Waste clothing and waste fiber products, clothing wadding fiber products and other fiber products that have lost or reduced their original use value due to wearing, using or storing for a certain period of time.


Quality 315: "pure cotton" towel 10 yuan 3, have to see the answer.


The harm of black core cotton: the main harm of black core cotton is that the short cotton wadding exceeds the standard and the raw materials are mixed with industrial waste. Short cotton wadding refers to the fiber cotton with a length of no more than 16 mm. Due to its small size and light weight, it is easy to fall off from the towel and float in the air, which may induce asthma, respiratory tract and other diseases after being inhaled by the human body; industrial waste refers to the leftovers used in the production process of textile factories and garment factories. In addition, the "recycled cotton" processed from domestic waste such as old clothes and used cotton tires is generally listed as industrial waste. This kind of inferior cotton products are likely to become the "hotbed" of bacteria because they are not strictly disinfected. People's skin will be stimulated to varying degrees after contact, with red spots and itching feeling. In severe cases, it will lead to skin diseases such as psoriasis and even toxic reactions.

The harm of unsafe dyes: pH value problem, skin is most suitable for weak acid environment, alkaline environment will break the skin micro ecological balance, may cause skin lesions; formaldehyde content problem, formaldehyde harm to human body has been known, all kinds of unqualified dyes and auxiliaries contain excessive formaldehyde in different degrees, which will harm human body when used. Carcinogenic dyes contain decomposable aromatic amines (azo, sulfide dyes, etc.) dyes, which can cause cancer in human body, and are prohibited by national standards. Some substandard cheap towels may contain the above substances in varying degrees. We should resist these inferior products. In addition, these dyes have stable performance, bright color, good levelness, complete chromatography and good soaping fastness, which can effectively meet the requirements of consumers for color and color fastness.