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Guangning provincial leaders inspect Vietnam Dadong construction project

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Guangning provincial leaders inspect Vietnam Dadong construction project

At 10:00 a.m. on February 9, a group of 46 people, including general secretary of Guangning provincial Party committee, governor and vice governor of Guangning Province, chairman of National People's Congress, chairman of CPPCC, director of Economic Management Bureau of Guangning Province, provincial television media and county head of Haihe County, made a special trip to Vietnam to inspect and guide the construction project in Dadong.

The general secretary of Guangning provincial Party committee inquired in detail about the progress of the project construction, the expected commissioning time, quality, safety, environmental protection and other issues. When the general secretary visited the newly formed project construction scale, he gave a high evaluation on the progress of the Dadong soil construction project in Vietnam. He said: in a short period of more than three months, the progress of the project is so fast that it is not only second to none in the history of Guangning Province, but also a model of engineering construction in Guangning Province in terms of quality standards. He highly praised the efficiency, executive ability and quality management of Japanese enterprises. He told the subordinate leaders of Guangning to take Vietnam Dadong as the benchmark for the future work efficiency of all departments, strictly require and vigorously promote, and make substantive results. At the same time, the general secretary also put forward specific requirements for the follow-up project quality, environmental protection, etc.

Huang Jian, the person in charge of Vietnam Dadong project, introduced in detail the main issues concerned by the provincial leaders, and reported the expected production time and sales target within the year, as well as the company's products, exports and other late prospects. At the same time, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the provincial government's personal inspection and concern for Vietnam Dadong, as well as the support and assistance given by the provincial and county departments during the construction of Vietnam Dadong!