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  • Mr. Wu Zhaoxian warmly invited outstanding employees of the company to study in Japan

    Mr. Wu Zhaoxian warmly invited outstanding employees of the company to study in Japan

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    Embroidery worker work photo

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    Production scene of Italy-made VAMATEX advanced loom

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    Team run


Grateful to Dadong, love and educate people

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Gratitude is a virtue, an attitude, a belief, a feeling, and a mission in life. The reason why German industrial products have become synonymous with "exquisite" in the international arena comes from the rigorous and loyal work style of the Germanic people and their gratitude to the sacred profession. The development and rise and fall of an enterprise depend on the high level of execution, loyalty and sincere gratitude of every employee.

I am just an ordinary Dadong. However, the simple and powerful words of "gratefulness, responsibility, forge ahead" echo in my heart all the time. The powerful Dadong has given us too much material and spirit. Satisfaction, as a member of the company, I have too many feelings to express at this moment to express my gratitude to the company, encourage myself to know the responsibility and forge ahead, and devote my life's wisdom and energy to the waves of enterprise development.

History has formed the foundation for the company to take off, and the mission is motivating us to move forward. Therefore I said, gratitude requires responsibility. Gratitude is an attitude to life, a kind of wisdom, and it is the foundation of employee loyalty to a company. A grateful employee will be persistent and selfless, fraternity and kind, dedicated and loyal, full of responsibility and mission. A grateful employee will transform his gratitude to the company into practical actions of hard work, hard study, and dedication to society. A grateful employee will care about others, care about the company, care about social development, be responsible for the interests of the company, and work together with the company.

Responsibility is inspiring, and dreams fly here. A responsible person will never be small; an irresponsible person will never be great. Responsibility is a kind of belief and a kind of power. A hundred years of life is actually a hurried moment. As long as the mission and the belief in the heart are still there, any hardships, ups and downs will quietly retreat and be solved. "Don't be afraid of being unnamed on the list, and firmly believe that there is a way under your feet", this is our firm belief and hard work direction that Dadong people should have. It ignited the surging passion in my heart and stirred the ideal fighting spirit in my mind. There is one person who is born in the world, and one person should have one's karma; to live in this world, one should do one's work every day. Dadong has given us all the sources of gratitude and forge ahead, so what reason do I not give in return with sincere feelings?

Dadong accompanied me through the whole twenty springs and autumns, witnessing my marriage and childbirth, reaching maturity. Dadong has taught me too much. I don’t know how many years I can stay in Dadong. I only know that in the days and nights between me and Dadong, I can only work hard, and use my own steadfastness. Work and unremitting sweat add luster to our Dadong.

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