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The company's sewing workshop raised more than 70,000 yuan for the son of an employee suffering from cancer

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From December 25th to 27th, employees of the company's east plant enthusiastically donated money to raise money for a boy suffering from malignant osteosarcoma. Two female employees who had children and rested at home asked someone to donate on their behalf after learning about it. The two outsourcing factory owners who came to handle the business also joined the ranks of donations.

Patient Xiao Xu is the only son of Xu Haixia in the sewing workshop of Dongchang, 19 years old this year. He is currently undergoing the first chemotherapy in the cancer hospital. Xu Haixia recruited her son-in-law as a son, and her family was in an ordinary family. Her son was suffering from this disease, and the whole family was in extreme suffering. The illness tortured Xu Haixia's family and affected the hearts of more than 900 employees in the East Factory.

The company's labor union issued a fund-raising proposal, and the majority of employees responded and extended a warm hand. As of noon on the 27th, it had raised more than 70,000 yuan in cash.

On the morning of December 28, the chairman of the company's labor union and the director of the female work committee went to Nantong and handed the donations together with the company's labor union and administrative relief funds of 10,000 yuan to the patient's mother in person.