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Fun Talk about the Year of the Goat

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Fun Talk about the Year of the Goat

The long time that sheep have accompanied humans and the close relationship with people are indeed worthy of a big book. Because of its moderate size, poor attack power, and almost no threat to people, it is not as fierce as a jackal, tiger and leopard, so it becomes one of the most ideal hunting targets. And because it eats grass, produces milk, meat, fur, and skin, and has a docile personality that is easy to tame, it became the earliest animal raised by humans. The ancients used "horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs, and pigs" as the six animals, and the sheep was famous on the "list" and ranked at the forefront. It is enough to explain its important position in the minds of the ancients.

Sheep can carry art. Because it entered the field of human vision very early, it is alive in the early primitive cultural relics. In the mottled rock paintings, there are their sturdy figures; in the patterns of pottery, there are their beautiful faces; from the "Four Sheep Square Bottles" and "Three Sheep Tong Lei" in the Shang Dynasty to the "Sheep-shaped Bronze Lamp" in the Han Dynasty The "three-colored pottery sheep" in the Tang Dynasty, up to the present New Year pictures, paper-cuts and other folk crafts, various images of sheep can be seen everywhere, bringing great aesthetic enjoyment to people for generations, and becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives. An essential factor.

Sheep can represent beauty. in Chinese characters is a combination of "yang" . The beauty of the big sheep is a vivid manifestation of the aesthetic tendency of the ancients' pragmatism.

Sheep can be used as a delicacy. The combination of "fish" and "sheep" became the word "xian", reflecting the blessings of the ancient population, and I couldn't help but covet it.

"Sheep" breeds culture. The ancients used the pictographic method to create the word "sheep", and its use was greatly expanded because of it. In the "Chinese Character Dictionary", there are as many as 204 Chinese characters with "yang" as the radical, which fully demonstrates its great influence on the lives of the ancestors. Unconsciously, the influence of sheep has penetrated into all aspects of human life, making people dizzy.

Sheep once accompanied the hero. According to the "Han Shu Biography of Su Wu", Hanzhong Lang sent Su Wu as an envoy to the Huns at the order of Emperor Wu. The Xiongnu acted violently against the Han Dynasty, detained Su Wu and sent him to herd Xiyang (ram) on the coast of the North Sea, and threatened that "Huiru will return." Su Wu is company with the sheep, holding the Han festival in hand, swallowing grass seeds hungry, drinking snow water thirsty, and not humiliating his mission. It wasn't until 19 years later that Shan Yuhui changed his mind that Su Wu had to return to Chang'an, be entrusted with the title of his country, and left behind the eternal stories.

Sheep can inspire wisdom. According to the "Warring States Policy·Chu Policy IV", the king of Chuhuai was imprisoned in Qin after he heard Zhang Yi's rhetoric. King Xiang ascended the throne and did not want to make progress. The good minister Zhuang Xin did not say anything, so he avoided Zhao. Soon, Ying was seized by Qin. King Xiang regrets and finds Zhuang Xin. Zhuang Xin used "It is not too late to make up for the dead sheep" to encourage King Xiang to regroup and make a comeback. Used here, it is easy to understand and concise.

Sheep can symbolize Antai. There is an old saying that "three sheep open Thai". The test of "Sanyang Kaitai" was supposed to be "Sanyang Kaitai", and it was originally from the "Book of Changes". In the Book of Changes, November is the Fu Gua, one yang is born in the next; December is the Lin Gua, and the two yangs are born in the next; the first month is the Tai Gua, and the three yang are born in the next. Refers to the coming of winter and the coming of spring. Another interpretation of "three suns to open up Thailand" is that the days of the winter solstice in November are the shortest, and then the days are getting longer. The ancients thought that because the yin qi gradually disappeared and the yang qi began to grow, it was called the winter solstice one yang birth, two yang births in December, and three yang births in the first month. Therefore, the old times are often used as wishes for the beginning of the new year. "Sheep" and "Yang" are homophonic, and it will become "Three Sheep Kaitai" for a long time. Later generations will come out with a special shape of "three big horn sheep gathered in one place", which has become the image of Jiheng known to women and children.

Sheep can embody justice. Because of the integrity and beauty of the sheep in the minds of the ancients, the mythology of the sheep has become a symbol of justice over time. According to Wang Chong's "On Heng·Shi Ying", Tang Yao's minister Gao Tao governed the prison, supplemented by a one-horned sheep. This sheep "touched the suspect if he was guilty. Not touched if he was not guilty", which was extremely effective. By the time of the Warring States period, Qin Chu and other state officials, prison officials and other law enforcement officers all wore crowns with unicorn sheep patterns to show solemnity and sacredness. The name of this one-horned sheep is "Haechi", as a symbol of impartial law enforcement, and its image has been used as a pattern on the official uniforms of law enforcement officers in the past until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Sheep sex element likes to clean. Sheep are willing to live in a dry and clean place, hungry for food, green grass, thirsty to drink clear springs, clean themselves, and stay away from filth. Unlike some animals, they play in the mud all day long, drink and drink, hide dirt, and hope for contentment. They are not ashamed.

Although    sheep is demure and graceful, everyone loves it, but it also has small shortcomings, that is, poor resistance and lack of fighting spirit. Even if they were slaughtered, they only groaned and killed them. Quite not like a pig, although he can't escape, he is willing to lead the "song" to the best of his ability, hoarse and anger. Pigs and sheep are so different, there must be a reason. According to folklore, pigs and sheep are not at peace due to being slaughtered, and the idea of ​​seeking justice with God (God) is born. Sheep moves lightly, winds under its feet, and must be interviewed first. God listened and smiled and said: "Don't blame pigs, sheep, pigs, sheep, you are a dish in the world. You wait for nothing, and feed exclusively on humans, but don't allow humans to eat meat, so why do you wait? It should be understood later. Go back and tell Mr. Fat Pig that he should be calm and don't have to come back." Although Yang heard this, he still felt sad, but he thought it made sense. In desperation, he had to go home. Encountering the fat pig on the way, I saw it panting and struggling. The sheep conveyed the word of God. The pig was angry and still felt unfair. The sheep pulls it hard and drags it back to the residence. After that, the sheep only sighed in front of the butcher knife; while the pig was unable to understand it, so he yelled and screamed until he died out of breath.

Perhaps influenced by the long-standing and well-known zodiac culture, there are quite a few people in the country who are prejudiced against the Year of the Goat. They believe that the fate of children in the Year of the Goat is not good, so that at the end of the Year of the Horse, there are many women who give birth. What's more, even in advance Caesarean section to avoid the "doom" of his son born in the Year of the Goat. This is not only groundless from a scientific point of view, but also nonsense in terms of cultural traditions. On the other hand, being like a sheep is not very comfortable, but like a horse is not much better. In fact, such a caesarean section ahead of time to avoid the Year of the Goat is really a generation who seeks troubles and commits "doom".

People who belong to the sheep family are generally meek and considerate, ten sheep and nine wealthy, worry-free about food and clothing, and can always be taken care of and assisted by others. And everyone's fate is not only determined by the zodiac. Everyone should educate their children well and make them good and moral.

Winter goes to spring, and it repeats itself in a cycle of 12 years until the earth is gone. Time does not live, life is short. At the end of the year, we seem to cherish the virtues of horses, the bestness of raising sheep, the virtues, and the continuous striving for self-improvement, and strive for a better tomorrow with one heart and forge ahead!


Fun Talk about the Year of the Goat

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