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Dadong towels and products shine at the 17th Jiangsu Export Commodities Osaka Exhibition

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Dadong towels and products shine at the 17th Jiangsu Export Commodities Osaka Exhibition


From May 21st to 23rd, the once-a-year Jiangsu Export Commodities Osaka Exhibition was held at the MY DOME Pavilion in Osaka, Japan. There are a total of 235 booths in this exhibition, and 175 export companies from Jiangsu will participate in the exhibition. Our company is the fifth time to participate. The exhibits are mainly clothing, hats, home textiles, daily groceries, and footwear. There are only 5 companies participating in the towel category, of which two are trading companies of towel home textile products. The only large towel company is our company.

In this exhibition, our booth layout is particularly beautiful, and the large-scale inkjet painting is very eye-catching. The products that our company exhibited this time include: fine count untwisted yarn, low twist, double-layer untwisted jacquard, weak twist, hemp fiber, copper fiber, three-layer, steam shearing towel and various towel products. There are 21 customers In-depth exchanges at our booth, 4 of them are our old customers, and the rest are new acquaintances. The guests are very interested in our exhibits and think that our products have many varieties, new styles and exquisite workmanship. Said to cooperate on high-end products.

Our company brought a lot of recommended samples to the exhibition, such as ordinary overwrap, two-color overwrap, right-angle overwrap, triangle stitch lockstitch, shell lockstitch, stitch pocket towel, children's bathrobe, apron, wallet and other products, which attracted many grocery companies. .

During the exchanges with customers during the exhibition, it was learned that due to the appreciation of the renminbi and the depreciation of the yen, the profit margin of dealers is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, in the Japanese market, our company will face more small-volume fast-delivery orders in the future, which will bring a severe test to the business and production model of Dadong. At the same time, we must fundamentally change our business methods, take the initiative to find the market closer to the grassroots, and greatly improve our planning capabilities. Because some end customers, especially grocers, do not understand towel design, we need our guidance. Prenatal preparation is very important.

Marketing Department: Wu Haiyang

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