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Report of the 95th China needle Exhibition

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Report of the 95th China needle Exhibition


Time: March 12-14, 2013

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

1. The overall situation of the exhibition:

Bathed in the peaceful spring breeze of the National Two Sessions, the 95th China Knitted Cotton Trade Fair was held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the textile industry exhibition with the longest history in China, China Needle will continue to move towards marketization, specialization and internationalization, and vigorously promote industrial upgrading. The exhibition area of ​​this year's exhibition is nearly 50,000 square meters. There are a total of 410 exhibitors of knitted underwear and bedding towels, and there are tens of thousands of professional visitors every day.

Compared with previous sessions, the 95th China National Needle Association has made innovative breakthroughs in two aspects.

First, this year’s China Needle Fair has a more reasonable layout and a clearer distribution of exhibits. According to product categories, it is divided into knitting, home textiles, home furnishings, "summer cool products" theme areas and international brand exhibition areas, which is convenient for improving the docking between exhibitors and buyers. With regard to purchasing efficiency, the towel display is concentrated in Hall E6 and E7.

Second, in order to better build the China Needle Association into a platform integrating information, fashion, and trend release, the organizing committee has united a professional design team and invited influential and appealing brand companies at home and abroad to work together Exhibitors and buyers dedicate themselves to the release of fashion trends in knitted underwear and home textile products. The release activities provide a reference for the next development of Chinese knitted underwear, bedding, towels and other fields.

2. Our company's participation situation:

According to the company's brand diversification development strategy, we will further increase the promotion and sales of our own brands in 2013. Therefore, our company's participation in this year's exhibition is also different from previous ones. In this exhibition, we carefully arranged the exhibition and divided it into two different exhibition areas. The external area displays OEM products, and the internal area displays our own brands, including 14 "Eisen" series and 26 "Duhao" series. Private brand towels debuted at the Dadong booth for the first time, calling for agents from all over the country, which also marks our company's key step in the diversification of product development strategies.

From the perspective of customer visits, the overall situation is similar to that of the previous session. Since the China International Needle Association followed the China Fair, the diversion effect of the China Fair was very obvious, so the home textile venue was slightly cold. Nevertheless, during the three-day exhibition, we have received nearly a hundred customers. From the perspective of customer categories, it is mainly franchised agents, shopping malls and supermarkets purchases, wholesale market purchases from all over the country, and also includes a small number of manufacturers.

From the perspective of our OEM products and self-owned brand products at this exhibition, there are two main advantages:

1. Excellent product quality: exquisite workmanship and soft hand feel, which have been well received by customers.

2. There are many original products: tea-dyed towels, three-layer jacquard towels, whole linen towels and other products are unique in this exhibition.

However, considering the situation of the exhibition and the needs of customers, we also found that there are still some shortcomings:

1. The booth production is still rough, which cannot improve the brand image well.

2. The design of the product pattern is slightly out of touch with the market demand. It is necessary to further follow up the market and design a pattern that meets the needs of consumers at home and abroad.

3. Understanding of peers:

In this exhibition, we paid attention to the participation of several major brands of towels such as Vosges, Yaguang, Jinhao, and Jie Liya.

Vosges did not participate in this year's China Needle Conference, and the participation of Yaguang is roughly the same as that of previous ones. Therefore, the following will focus on the participation of Jinhao and Jie Liya.

Gold number: The exhibition is exhibited with a dazzling exhibition effect. The overall effect reflects the novelty of the design concept, the high-quality product quality, and the exquisite craftsmanship. The overall feeling is that the image and quality of the exhibits have taken a big step forward, almost with the original Gold products are completely different. Among them, the double-layer products are made smooth, the joints are not obvious, the bathrobes are made open, and even the printed products that were not made before are also made smooth and transitional.

Jie Liya: Unlike many exhibitors, Jie Liya’s focus on this exhibition is more to show the brand image and brand spirit. They launched the Graceland brand acquired in Germany in the form of a fantasy fashion show. The huge booth was only used A small amount of products are embellished. According to one of Jeliya’s exhibitors, their Jeliya’s brand has reached the stage of brand recognition in the minds of consumers. Its brand image and products have always been talked about by consumers and no longer need to be at the exhibition. Appeared in the form of orders, but entered the stage of further enhancing the added value of the brand. The main purpose of this exhibition is to launch the high-end brand Graceland. At the same time, Jieliya Group also hired Constantine, the most famous product design company in Italy, to tailor a full range of products for it.

This exhibition once again shows that the two domestic towel giants, Jieliya and Jinhao, are undoubtedly very successful in brand image positioning and promotion. Their further improvement in product quality and design also makes us feel pressured.

4. Post-show comments:

1. Zhongzheng will be a barometer of the development of the home textile industry.

Looking at the economy through the exhibition, judging from the unprecedented large vacant land at this exhibition, the home textile industry is undergoing a process of reshuffling. Many home textile companies that originally participated in the exhibition failed to fail due to business decline or on the verge of bankruptcy. Participating in the fair, such as DingMu and many other companies from Hebei who also participated in the exhibition with fanfare last year, they will not be seen this year. The professional report of the authoritative department also shows that from the operation of the home textile industry in the second half of 2012, the overall efficiency decline is obvious, mainly reflected in the overall weak external demand, and the serious domestic demand inventory problem.

At present, various home textile companies are vigorously applying scientific and technological achievements to adjust product structure. For example, we have just developed silver ion antibacterial products. This process has been put into use on underwear in batches. At the same time, advanced equipment is also widely used in towel factories in Hebei to improve production efficiency and cope with rising labor costs.

2, Zhongzheng will be a booster for corporate development.

The China National Needle Association is not only a big display of the production capacity of Chinese textile industry enterprises, but also a challenge for companies to create brands and promote products. The familiar brands such as Luolai, Fuana, Mengjie, Jinhao, Jieliya, etc. The needle club has gradually developed and grown. Therefore, I think that our Dadong wants to expand its own brand sales and expand the domestic market, we must do a good job in brand promotion and image display at the China Needle Conference, and further adjustments in the layout of the exhibition. The layout of the China Fair and the Canton Fair is mainly positioned to find products that are suitable for the corresponding market. It is important to display the products, and the China Needle will need to further improve product positioning and image display on this basis.

3. Zhongzheng will be a machine to shape and cultivate a brand.

The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves. Many more mature domestic brands no longer participate in the China Needle Association, such as Fu Anna, Meng Jie, etc., but every year, batches of emerging companies flock to the market with new brands and concepts, let me To feel that not progress is to lag behind. For example, Haosheng Group, which is a factory we are familiar with, originally only made bamboo fiber towels, but at this exhibition, Haosheng vigorously launched an upgraded product of bamboo fiber---Bamboo Daier, and the product range also covers underwear , Socks, have a strong impact on the domestic market.

4. The China Needle Association is a platform for industry exchanges and learning.

Zhongzheng Club is a platform for product promotion and promotion, as well as a platform for exchange and learning among home textile colleagues. In most other types of exhibitions, we contacted more procurement personnel, and we did more to negotiate and exchange specific orders and products. However, at the China International Needle Conference, we were able to meet many direct faces. In addition to exchanging specific products, market sales personnel exchange more market information. We can understand from the sales insights of many elites with years of towel sales experience.

Wan Xiaomeng