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Dadong towel in the 24th China Fair

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Dadong towel in the 24th China Fair


The China Fair, known as "the first exhibition of the new year", was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 1 to 5. There are more than 5800 standard booths, which are divided into 4 professional exhibition areas (clothing, home textiles, decorative gifts, consumer goods) and 10 pavilions. There are more than 3420 enterprises participating in the fair, including 145 from the United States, France, Italy, Canada, Japan Overseas exhibitors from 10 countries and regions, including South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The proportion of high-tech products and famous special products in the textile products of this exhibition is high. Our company has 4 booths in the home textile zone, located at the east gate of E5 Pavilion, together with other enterprises in Nantong. Our company has made a good impression on the visitors by preparing in advance, organizing all kinds of products carefully, arranging the exhibition carefully, and warmly receiving every customer.

This year, our booth customers are mainly from outside the towel industry, mainly making orders for household goods, groceries and gifts, exchanging business cards and conducting understanding communication. There are more than 40 customers at the above level:

There are 10 customers from the Japanese market, 2 of them are old customers of our company, and 4 of them are familiar customers who have contacted with us for many times. We have also had contact with these customers at the Japan Exhibition. Through many times of mutual understanding and this exhibition, we have deepened our understanding of each other and laid the foundation for cooperation.

A Japanese company mainly plans to sell high-grade towel products in department stores. The towel is mainly imported from Europe, and the product content is relatively rich. It is also an enterprise with high profit margin. This company is very interested in our fine count twistless, Egyptian cotton and high-grade sewing products. Now there are two bathrobes in contact.

A company is an enterprise with its own furniture store. There are 13 stores in Kansai area of Japan, mainly selling furniture, household products and bathroom products. The customer is more interested in our 40 / 1 twistless products.

Another Japanese company is now one of the few home furnishing stores in Japan, which now has 330 stores (319 in Japan, 10 in Taiwan, and 1 in the United States). Most of its products are purchased directly from factories. The purchasing director of this company talked about it three times at our booth, and then led the leaders of their company to our booth and to the top of the company The towel of our company has some characteristics, and we are ready to purchase fine twistless plain color products in our company.

A Japanese company purchasing household goods met for the second time at the China Fair. The company was more interested in towel fabric sewing products, especially slippers and household clothes.

The company's new materials, new technology products, such as 40 twistless, hemp fiber, Egyptian cotton low twist, bamboo carbon fiber, copper fiber, finished product dyeing and other new products, attracted the favor of many customers, including Japan.