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Our company and a famous Japanese company jointly develop a new product -- vegetable dyed towel

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vegetable dyed towel


At the beginning of this year, our company and a famous brand company in Japan jointly researched and developed a new towel product - vegetable dyed towel, which will fill the gap in the international market.

This famous Japanese brand mainly deals in daily necessities. Seven years ago, Dadong began to cooperate with the company to process towel products for it. Dadong has won the company's high trust in its 7-year cooperation with its high-quality and environmentally friendly towel products. At present, more than 90% of its towel products are produced in Dadong.

At the beginning of this year, after repeated consultations and negotiations, the company decided to jointly develop a new type of towel plant dyed towel with our company. This new patented technology is the fruit of more than 30 years' research by an expert in Japan. It uses 100% natural and non added plant pigments such as banana skin, coconut shell and walnut wood for environmental protection dyeing. Selection of materials, strict procedures and simplified packaging are the company's three major concepts, of which the selection of materials is at the top of the three concepts. This time, the company chose 100% pure natural plant dyeing as the new product development, and Dadong was its only partner in towel production. On August 25, the general manager of the company took reporters from Tokyo TV station of Japan to Dadong to shoot the whole production process of Dadong. On September 11, a 30 minute special TV report will be held in Tokyo TV station to attract Japanese consumers with the most beautiful features. (WAN Xiaomeng)