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New progress of plant and herb dyeing technology in our company

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New progress of plant and herb dyeing technology in our company


Recently, the color fastness of towel samples dyed with green tea and black tea developed by the technical development department of the company has reached the international standard after laboratory test. The marketing department decided to mass produce the vegetable dyed towel and try to sell it to the domestic and foreign markets. The authoritative person of the company said that the introduction of our plant and herb dyeing products not only changed the product structure of the company, but also provided technical support for opening the relevant market.

The international towel consumption trend is transforming to functional and green environmental protection. In order to comply with the market changes, the company issued the technical research and product development task of herbal tea dyed towel in early August this year.

The dye of plant herb dyeing is extracted from plants naturally, which is not only more compatible with the environment, but also harmless to human beings. In the process of dyeing, the color and aroma of tea must be blended into towel products.

The key technical problems of tea dyeing are the color fastness and the solution of color flowers after dyeing. The second is how to retain the natural fragrance of tea as much as possible, improve the utilization rate of tea raw materials, and dye the similar hue of tea itself. After receiving the task, the technical and laboratory personnel have worked out various possible dyeing process schemes by consulting a large number of materials. After more than 30 times of tea dyeing experiments in the laboratory, the influence of various mordants on the color was mastered, and the optimum dyeing temperature, dyeing bath ratio and other process parameters, as well as the time and temperature of tea extraction and the blending ratio of tea and dye were selected. It solves a series of problems, such as dyeing the color favored by consumers, avoiding towel not flower, retaining tea fragrance and ideal color fastness. In order to maintain the original ecology of the products, the technical personnel also specially researched and developed the pretreatment process of plant and herb dyeing with oxygen free, low alkali and high water absorption.

The effort paid off, and the satisfactory results were finally obtained.

Quality control department: Gu Hua