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Another innovative product of our company "low consumption environmental protection cotton bath multicolor towel" passed the provincial new product appraisal

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Another innovative product of our company


On November 1, experts and leading groups led by Gao Weidong, vice president of Jiangnan University, and fan Xuebin, director of Nantong Economic and Information Commission, conducted a provincial-level new product appraisal on our high-tech product "low consumption and environmental protection cotton one bath multicolor towel" and was approved.

The industry experts and leaders attending the meeting gave a high evaluation on the product. They agreed that the product was blended and interwoven with ordinary cotton fiber and cationic modified cotton fiber, and the reactive dye one bath two-step process was adopted for dyeing. The towel with imitated yarn linen grey effect, yarn dyed double or multi-color jacquard effect and imitation section dyed yarn dyed effect was developed, which was novel and unique. Experts praised Dadong company for its unique innovation by using the process of weaving before dyeing to make the product style of dyeing before weaving. At the same time, in the process of research and development, through the screening of reactive dyes, optimization of the blending ratio of modified and non modified fibers, and through a large number of experiments, the short process dyeing technology of one bath multi-color has been overcome. The new process has the characteristics of convenience, low consumption and environmental protection, and its process technology is at the leading level in China.

Experts said that the product uses the process of weaving before dyeing to make a towel with dyeing before weaving effect. Using this process, it can simplify the production process, reduce processing consumption, shorten production time, improve the cost performance and market competitiveness of the product. It is conducive to the intensive production of small batch and multi color matching, which is of great practical significance to the production enterprises with small batch, multi variety and multi color matching. The implementation of this process is in line with the national strategy of scientific development.

According to the appraisal opinion, the process not only simplifies the production process, but also reduces energy consumption, inorganic salt and dye consumption and emission pollution, which is in line with the development direction of national and industrial planning. It is estimated that 2% labor can be saved and 1.5% of cotton yarn consumption can be reduced by using this process. The low temperature dyeing method can reduce the salt alkali dosage by 100% and the dye consumption by 10% ~ 15%; the medium temperature one bath two-step method can reduce the salt alkali dosage by 70% and the dye amount by 10% ~ 15% for the dark colored yarn, which is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction, and has good economic and social benefits.