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Under the dome, what can we do?

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Under the dome, what can we do?


If one day, we go out not wearing masks, but wearing gas masks, what do you think? Is there room for human survival? This is not alarmist. The documentary "under the dome" may give you an answer. If you haven't watched "under the dome", we suggest you take time to watch it, because the air is related to everyone's life and life; if you have already watched it, you should immediately take action, stretch out your hand, my hand and his hand to jointly protect our home, so that the sky is bluer, the water is clearer, the mountains are greener, and the air is fresher.

Every day of our life is inseparable from the sun and air, how to better enjoy a better life under the present dome, I summarize some common sense of towel day life.

1. Purchase of towel

According to the common sense of daily life, towels should be bathed in the natural sunshine after washing. However, as far as people know, PM2.5 seriously exceeds the standard, which makes you unable to see the blue sky and sunshine, breathe every breath of air and disrupt our daily life. Now we should choose some towel products with special fiber yarn to protect our work healthy.

Hollow yarn products

The new cotton hollow yarn is made up of water soluble fiber made of composite spinning technology and solvent wet gel spinning. Cotton is formed in the outer layer and water soluble fiber in the inner layer, forming a double-layer structure. After processing, the inner fiber dissolves to form pure cotton ring hollow yarn.

Characteristics of cotton hollow yarn:

1. It's light and bulky.

2. Soft: hollow shape remains after washing, so it is soft and durable.

3. Water absorption and quick drying: the gap between fibers is large, the water absorption speed is fast, and the water absorption capacity is large. After washing, the water is easy to be discharged, so the drying time is short, which can be quickly dried through indoor and balcony hanging ventilation.

4. It is warm (thermal insulation and contact warm). The air layer has low thermal conductivity and is not easy to dissipate heat. Moreover, the heat absorbed from the skin surface is also small, so it has a warm feeling.


Under the dome, what can we do?