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A patented yarn technology developed by a team of professors from Donghua University in a five-year research project to solve the problem of fabric softness came into being. Its original fiber linear arrangement technology and "S0Z" structure represent the advantages of soft yarn High level, which is also the technical core of this yarn. The products under the "Silrospun" yarn technology project are softer, lustrous, fluffy and elastic, and have high coloring rate and high color saturation.

"Silk Soft Spinning" solves the problem of fluffy and soft from the yarn source, and no longer relies on the treatment of dissolved vinylon (including polyester) and silicone oil softener. It is fundamentally different from the low-twist and low-strength technologies on the market. Silk-soft spinning uses physical methods to make the core structure of the yarn soft, so as to achieve softness and skin-friendly properties that are comparable to untwisted yarns. Silrospun" post-treatment technology reduces a lot of water resources to deal with dissolved vinylon, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

Silk soft spinning product features:

1. A soft, plump feel and silky luster can be obtained without special post-processing. 2. It has excellent color absorption performance, the dyeing rate is increased by 3-5%, and the color is bright, comparable to fluorescent dyes. 3. It has good dimensional stability, and the shrinkage rate can be controlled within 3% after pre-shrinking. 4. It has excellent hygroscopicity and quick-drying, and the lint rate is much lower than that of non-twist.