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Physical Antibacterial

In the post-epidemic era, consumer groups realize that daily health protection and hygiene are essential, and let every Chinese person re-examine the value and significance of health, and realize the importance of having health.

Usually, the antibacterial effect needs to be achieved by adding antibacterial additives. And this antibacterial treatment technology is currently the latest domestic antibacterial technology. Now it is mainly used in the medical industry. Compared with the traditional antibacterial treatment method, it is more convenient and faster, and has a high antibacterial rate. No chemical additives and heavy metals are added in the whole process. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, with stable effect and durable washing resistance ,

The new physical antibacterial technology is derived from the food preservation technology of Professor Song Yuanda, a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Jiangnan University. It is applied to cotton fibers, and the fibers are physically modified to process the fibers, so that the fibers themselves have the ability to lastingly inhibit the growth of bacteria. Change the original properties of the material carrier.

The advantages of physical antibacterial towels:

1. Environmental protection, without adding any chemical additives to achieve antibacterial effect.

2. Safe, zero dissolution, safe and harmless to human body.

3. Healthy, long-lasting antibacterial effect, high stability, resistance to rinsing and sun exposure, long-lasting protection.

4. The antibacterial rate of Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pneumococcus tested by authoritative laboratories exceeds 90%, reaching the AAA level or above.

5. Antibacterial is directional, only has antibacterial effect on harmful bacteria, does not affect the balance of human colony.

6. It does not affect the style characteristics of the textile itself, does not damage the fibers, and does not affect the efficacy of other textile auxiliaries. 7. It is environmentally friendly and safe, non-polluting and harmless.