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Dadong insists on starting early and is ready to welcome the new year

Dadong is an old-fashioned towel household products manufacturer that is both innovative and diligent and pragmatic. In 2014, despite the difficulties and challenges encountered by the towel industry, Dadong's sales figures are still gratifying with the scientific decision-making of the leaders and the pragmatic spirit of running the enterprise with integrity. The export "DD" and Dadong's own brands "Eisen Upxon" and "Duhao Doout" are flourishing in physical channels and have gained a good reputation among peers.

On December 19, the author saw in the office of Nantong Dadong Co., Ltd. that the written opinions and suggestions of the trade union member representatives on the production and operation management of the company in 2015 were being collected and sorted. On the desk of the general manager of the company, I saw that the drafted 2015 strategic plan for the company's economic work has entered the second draft. At the beginning of December 2014, the company issued a notice requiring all deputy general managers and managers of various departments to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the work in 2014, and come up with work planning ideas for 2015. The company mobilized representatives of trade union members to listen to and collect opinions and suggestions on next year's work from surrounding employees. In late December, the general manager's office's work plan for 2015 was submitted to the trade union member congress for deliberation. Through two rounds of discussion and demonstration from bottom to top and then top to bottom, the will of all employees was unified and a new situation for New Year's work was created. .

Dadong is soberly aware that the impact of the world financial crisis and the European debt crisis has not receded, the economic recovery of western developed countries is slow, and consumption continues to be sluggish. Domestic production costs remain high, and the textile and garment industry is constantly migrating to the mainland and Southeast Asia. The world's towel buyers have turned their attention to Southeast Asia. In particular, the amount of towels purchased by Japan in China, which is the main market of Dadong, is shrinking year by year. Similar companies at home and abroad are increasingly threatening and eroding the Dadong towel market. Dadong's previous advantages are weakening, and the competition it faces is more cruel and fierce. In order to welcome the new year, Dadong Company insists on early research, early analysis and early deployment.

2015 Dadong innovation goal: to declare 4 new product development achievements, including 2 provincial high-tech products and national patents, and 2 provincial new product appraisals.

In terms of market construction, Dadong is in full swing to seek overseas strategic partners, extending its own brands to department stores in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Bangkok; to move the frontier of the market to Japan, the company registered and established Shanghai Shangrou Home Textiles Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, specializing in Domestic sales of independent brands, further cooperation in film and television media, and give play to the famous brand effect of the company's DD brand trademark. And expand the cooperation with domestic and well-known home textile brands and brand stores, and add two giant supermarket sales channels, Auchan and Metro, to further consolidate the surrounding cooperative processing bases.

In terms of production guarantee, Dadong is trying to establish a real product refined production line, establish a high-end towel product base, and improve the differentiated production capacity to meet high-end needs. They strengthen the rapid response mechanism of large sales and small production, further experience the Dadong characteristics of "small batch, multi-variety, high-quality, fast delivery", and speed up the innovation of new materials, new processes, and new products to produce more fashion. of new products. The company added two special workshops for digital printing and chenille products. By improving the level of internal management, reducing costs and reducing consumption, and providing more relaxed conditions for market pricing, Dadong towels not only have the advantages of quality and function, but also have the advantages of low price and high quality.

Dadong actively adopts the method of going out and inviting in to further broaden the horizons of employees. Strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes, strengthen strategic cooperation with international chemical dye enterprises, aim at the forefront of world towel technology, take the road of differentiated management, and make orders that other companies dare not accept, and combine towel post-processing skills with Home textiles, bedding, clothing, toys, etc. are more closely linked, increasing the added value of towels, and attracting the attention of different regions and different consumer groups in terms of style.