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Common sense of towel use and care


1> Avoid overheating and drying for a long time when washing cotton towels. When drying, tumble drying in the machine can make the cotton towel more fluffy and soft, while hanging drying cannot achieve this effect. It is best not to expose it to sunlight or force it to dry with an ultra-high temperature heat source.

2> Use a small amount of detergent to make the towel softer. Avoid pouring detergent directly on the towel, as detergent residue can cause the towel to stiffen, and minimize chlorine bleach.

3> Do not use fabric softener frequently, otherwise it will affect the water absorption of the towel.

4> Wash dark towels and light ones separately.

5> Avoid washing towels with clothes that contain zippers, hooks or buttons, which can damage the towel loops.

6> Do not wash the towel with the garment, the terry fabric will wrap the garment of light and soft fabric in it.

7> The number of washing times affects the use time of the towel. The less washing times, the longer the use time of the towel.

8> Wet towels that are placed for too long or cannot be dried for a long time will breed mold and other bacteria. After drying, the moldy towels will make the fibers brittle and break quickly. After the towel is used for a period of time, due to the combination of free calcium and magnesium ions in the water with soap, calcium-magnesium soap is formed and adheres to the surface of the towel, making the towel hard.