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Custom High Absorbent Yarn Dyed Dobby Jacquard 100% Cotton Sport Towel


$ 1.45

Minimum order quantity >








*Fabric Type:100% cotton or Bamboo


*Style: Fashion&Casual

Color: custom

*Design: yarn dyed, dobby or jacquard,quick dry

Size Information

Washing care

*Machine Washable

* Not Bleach

Manufacture Specification

Nantong Dadong was founded in 1987. Vietnam Dadong was founded in 2016. With a total investment of $52 million, the factory is located in Quang Ninh Province and covers an area of 9.5 hectares.Vietnam Dadong specializes in manufacturing all kinds of towels and related products with annual output of over 6000 tons and annual revenue of $80 million. Vietnam Dadong Co.,Ltd has a modern production line, which covers weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing, embroidery, sewing and packing. We have 170 sets of weaving looms, including 68 sets Sulzer Jacquard looms and 102 sets Toyata Dabby looms. Our 4 printing lines can produce 10,000 towels per day. We also have 22 sets of dyeing machines and 200 sets sewing machines, and we have over 1300 young employees. With our advanced machines, up-to-date technology and sufficient labor resource, we produce towels that feature super cotton, good air permeability, high moisture absorption, high color fastness, soft and smooth surface, no ruffles and gentle contact. Vietnam Dadong is committed to produce high quality product and leading the whole industry.

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