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Quality Control

We strictly control every production link

Quality and Safety

Quality comes the first in Dadong. We strictly control every production process, and strive to provide every customer with high-quality products with stable quality. Dadong is consistent in its pursuit of details and quality. We will be rigorous, professional, devoted and dedicated, constantly improving products and services. The goal of craftsmanship is to create the best quality products in the industry.
Quality and Safety

Safety Inspection

We strictly control every production process, and strive to provide every customer with high-quality products with stable quality. Dadong always pursues details and quality.

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Process Management

Rigorous, professional, dedicated and dedicated, constantly improve products and services, and the goal of the craftsmanship spirit is to create products of local industry quality.


Sizing and Warping

Advanced sizing and finishing equipment, among which the KARL MAYER slit warping machine can meet the requirements of various weaving arrangements, and the Japanese Tsudakoma sizing machine can effectively improve the yarn quality. Professional preparation equipment, stable process, and good operation provide effective quality assurance for weaving.



There are more than 300 imported and imported looms, including French Staubli (Staubli) jacquard looms, Japan Toyota (Fengguo) air jet looms, and Italian Vamatex rapier looms, with an annual production capacity The power is about 7000 tons. The equipment performance and process technology meet the requirements of full-raised, double-grained, full-cut pile, half-cut pile weave, high and low pile, satin-edged satin and embossed jacquard, satin-edged satin jacquard, jacquard, etc. Production needs of all products.


Dyeing and Finishing

It is equipped with all kinds of pre-dyeing and post-dyeing equipment. Among them, the dyeing tank of first dyeing tube yarn produces more than 10 tons of dyed yarn per day. The dyeing machine is constructed by Taiwan Donggeng dyeing machine, German Thies overflow dyeing machine, and Hong Kong Xingxin overflow dyeing machine. The production line not only allows us to have a processing capacity of 20 tons/day for dyeing and dyeing, but also provides users with more technical options such as continuous dyeing and intermittent dyeing.



6 sets of imported shearing equipment, among which the Italian Mario crosta shearing machine, ensures that the surface is flat and makes the product more hygroscopic and soft. We have a unique velvet shearing process technology. The velvet velvet products processed by us have full and smooth suede surface, which is not easy to fall. Directly sought after by domestic and foreign customers.



Equipped with Taiwan Jianxin and Japan Dongsheng printing production lines, with a printing production capacity of more than 400,000 strokes/day. Its equipment can easily complete the fine printing of various types of paints and dyes, especially the unique uniform printing technology we have mastered, which makes the patterns of our printed products more delicate, exquisite and delicate, and its superb printing performance ability.



Brother computer lockstitch sewing machine, edge sewing machine, sewing machine, drawing machine, overlock sewing machine, folding machine, ironing machine, herringbone machine, double needle machine and other special equipment, can be well adapted to the sewing machine , hemming and the production process requirements of various types of clothing products such as bathing suits and bathing skirts.



The embroidery production line consists of the world's most advanced Tajima embroidery machines. As a pioneer in the industry, the company has rich experience in computerized embroidery. Flat sync.


Inspection Packaging

Strict three-level inspection and meticulous packaging and finishing are the important guarantees that every product we produce can become a high-quality product. For this purpose, we have set up nearly 100 full-time inspectors and product organizers, who carry out initial inspection, first inspection, second inspection, needle inspection, packaging, re-inspection, and packing for each exported product. , sampling and other complete procedures.